Friday, October 30, 2015

Saltillo Paver Floor Stripping

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Saltillo stripping, clean and seal. One way of adding shine to saltillo paver is to add a topical sealer, in this case wax. Unfortunately wax dries up, creates areas where grime and dirt build up and it picks up all kinds of debris.
If the wax sealer is not replaced regularly the look of if can be quite unpleasant and honestly even a health hazard.
We have seen many homes where the was sealer gets so dry that it cracks and peels off. In other instances the wax close to a refrigerator or a home appliance that emits heat melts and picks up dirt, trash, pets hair, we have even seen coins inserted in the wax.

That wax has to be stripped to get rid of it and it is an arduous process. Our advice is that if you decide to use a wax sealer you re-do it every so often to avoid the situations described above.

In this case we stripped the floor and then just added an enhancer sealer with brings character and protects the stone by impregnating it.

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