Thursday, August 27, 2015

Granite BBQ Countertop Repair

Granite BBQ Countertop Repair - Exposing natural stone to natural elements can result in damage.
In this particular case the glue that holds the granite parts together dried, got brittle and cause the different pieces to fall off. Water then leaks in between the seams of the different parts that constitute the countertop.
As you can see the metal rod that helps most granite countertops hold together and it's usually on the edge of the piece, got rusted due to the exposure to rain, humidity, air and sun.
The weight of the pieces caused the pieces to fall and break as you can see in the top graphic.
Though our expertise and craftsmanship we were able to restore this countertop and as you can see it's almost impossible to see traces of the repair.
We do repair and do restoration, clean, polish and seal, clean and seal on marble, travertine, limestone, slate, flagstone, brick, paver, terrazo and concrete.
We work on floors, countertops, showers, tubs, patios, driveways, fountains, statues and any natural stone surface.
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Radiant Stone Care Work Process

Radiant Stone Care, The authority on Natural Stone Care, Brick, Paver and Concrete in Southern Ca.

This video offers you a glimpse of our work process. First and foremost important; we protect all sensitive areas with plastic drape up to 3 feet high.
We then proceed to clean your floors by buffing it with a PH neutral cleaner. Once that process is done we start the polishing process which is is the one that actually gives your floors the finish you desire. We do three different kinds of finishes; Matte or Flat, Honed (Semi-Gloss) and Polished (High Gloss).

As we run buffers through the various processes your grout gets cleaned, we then proceed to hand brush the grout to assure the best possible level of cleaning.

After all processes are done we seal your floors with a water based topical sealer which is completely safe. We then buff your floors once again to ensure the sealer gets absorbed and distributed evenly on your floors.

We serve the areas of; Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire & Palm Springs and San Diego.

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Granite Countertop Repair by Radiant Stone Car

Granite Countertop Crack Repair - Radiant Stone Care, The authority on Natural Stone Care, Brick, Paver and Concrete in Southern Ca.
A common mistake most people make is not paying attention to the caulking in their kitchen sink. Caulking tends to dry up becoming brittle and break away.

Most of the cracks we repair are on the front of the sink. This happens because when the caulking falls off it's hard to notice that it is missing. Since the missing caulking is not visible because its out of the reach when standing in front of the sink the damage occurs and unfortunately, it is not until the granite cracks that damage is noticed
The damage occurs through years of water leaking through the area where the caulking is missing.

This type of damage is caused mainly by bad or missing caulking. Water sips through the area where caulking is missing or in bad condition and gets to the wood and the metal rod that is usually under the edges of the granite piece. This metal rod is used to strengthen the granite.
When the water impregnates the wood it causes it to swell and eventually rusts the metal rod. When this happens both the wood and rusted metal rod push up against the granite and crack it then break it.

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