Monday, November 2, 2015

Travertine Steps Repair

Radiant Stone Care - The Authority on Natural Stone in So. CA. We work on Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone/Sandstone, Concrete, Pavers, Brick.

We do Restoration, Clean, Polish and Seal, Clean and Seal, Concrete Polishing and Stain and Repair.

Travertine stair steps repair. Sometimes floor tiles become loose for various reasons, either house foundation o soil movement or just a bad installation. Loose tiles could break if stepped on them and they are hollow underneath. Thin set mortar breaks with movement and detach therefore making the tiles become loose.
Natural Stone repair.
Another inconvenience is that the edges of a tile could be sharp and become a hazard. The edge can cut or cause harm.
If the tile is uneven it cause a person to trip therefore the need to replace or fix and/or re-secure loose tile.

Replacing tiles requires a careful process. If the broken/loose tiles are not pulled out properly it can cause damage to the tiles. If you don't have the proper replacement tiles this could be a problem.
Natural stone floor tiles and slabs are usually sold in batches cut out from a same slab to keep tiles within the same color, hue and pattern.

We have seen tiles having to be replaced by tiles that don't match the existing installation.

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