Friday, October 16, 2015

Granite Countertop Buffing, Cleaning and Sealing

Radiant Stone Care - We are The Authority on Natural Stone and Concrete in Southern CA. Granite BBQ countertop stain job.

Look at this before and after photo of this Granite cleaning job. This countertop had a large stain that added to being exposed to the natural element gave it an uneven an dull look. We cleaned, buffed and sealed this countertop and you can see the results.
Natural stone in this case Granite, although being a very dense stone can get damaged if not taken care of and maintained properly. In this case this countertop is exposed to natural elements 24/7 and one of the reasons decay starts is when the sealer wears off.
This countertop got a big stain and stains usually occur when the sealer on is gone. Water, dirt and grime build up and the granite starts feeling rough and looking dull.

We work on floors, counter tops, bathrooms, shower, backsplash, driveways, patios.

We work on Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone/Sandstone, Concrete, Pavers, Brick. We do Restoration, Clean, Polish and Seal, Clean and Seal, Concrete Polishing and Stain and Repair.

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