Friday, September 25, 2015

Flamed Granite Clean and Seal

Radiant Stone Care - Flamed Granite Cleaning and Seal Job - Beverly Hills

These flamed granite floors hadn't been properly cleaned in a long time. The job area has very high foot traffic therefore making it almost impossible to properly cleaning it. The rough surface of the flamed granite makes it easy for dirt and grime to build up inside the ridges and hard to be properly cleaned.

Our expertise has prepared us to handle situations where special detail is needed. First we protected the surrounding areas with plastic drape up to 3 feet high. We then proceeded to clean the floor with a ph neutral cleaner and ran the first round of buffing, it took a few rounds to get the stone to the desired state of cleaning.

After rinsing the floor and buffing it again we let it dry for a few hours. The detailing on corners and grout was done by hand but that's what the job required since our main goal is to always do excel the expectations of our customers. Once the floors were dry we applied 2-3 coats of penetrating topical sealer and let the stone absorb and then buff out the exceeding sealer.
Here's a photo of before and after.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Marble Counter Top Cleaning and Sealing

Radiant Stone Care - On our daily jobs we come across many natural stone  counter tops such as granite, marble, travertine and other natural stone types badly damaged.
The reason is lack of maintenance on them. Keeping a natural stone in a healthy state is crucial to its life and appearance.
Many problems begin when the sealer starts to wear off. Daily use can and lack of maintenance make surfaces look dull, rough and lifeless.
A deep cleaning is recommended periodically for your counter top, that is cleaning with a PH neutral cleaner that won’t damage your natural stone surface. One cleaning in detail helps to get rid of build up, grease and other agents that stick to it and damage it.
A sealer has to be applied periodically also to maintain and prolong the luster of your natural stone surface.

After the deep cleaning you can clean it and maintain it with a PH neutral cleaner appropriately designed for daily use.

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